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July 21, 2014
USS Carl Vinson Battle Group Departs Persian Gulf

With tensions in the Gulf region eased under a United Nations negotiated cease-fire, the Pentagon has ordered the USS Carl Vinson battle group to depart the area enroute to another hot spot.  While the exact nature of the fleet's next assignment remains classified, the Secretary of the Navy has announced an official end to Operation Bronze Judgment, NATO's intervention in the Syrian conflict.  VFA-41 pilots who participated in at least 50% of the operation's sorties were awarded the campaign ribbon shown above.

July 7, 2014
Armored Column Attacked and Destroyed

In an effort to further limit Iran's ability to destabilize the region and to interfere in the Syrian conflict, US Navy strike aircraft of the VFA-41 squadron were launched from the deck of the carrier USS Carl Vinson with orders to locate and attack a convoy of armored vehicles of the Iranian army.  Using precision laser-guided 'Maverick' missiles launched from their F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets, the Black Aces destroyed the majority of the tanks and armored personnel carriers, leaving a trail of burning wreckage along the desert highway.  All of the American aircraft returned from the mission safely, and remain assigned to duty in support of Operation Bronze Judgment.

June 26, 2014
Wings of Gold for VFA-41 Pilot

In a reflection of an exceptional commitment of time and effort since he joined the squadon, ENS Masheen has already earned his Wings of Gold in VFA-41 in a remarkably rapid fashion!  He has demonstrated the required aircraft systems knowledge and skills proficiency necessary to earn recognition as a Naval Aviator as well as a being a Black Ace.  Well done!

June 26, 2014
US Navy Warplanes Strike Iranian Airbase

Carrying out tasking in support of Operation Bronze Judgment, F/A-18 Super Hornets of Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-41 aboard USS Carl Vinson attacked and virtually destroyed a major Iranian airbase at Shiraz.  One aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missile defending the airbase, and the American pilot remains classified as missing in action.  The Carl Vinson carrier battle group remains off the coast of Iran, and additional sorties to further cripple the country's military capability are anticipated according to Pentagon sources.




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